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Beat you to it :p

My vid is focused towards advanced tips and tricks of the game and not that entertaining especially with my crap web mic. Please be the next markiplier or jacksepticeye for Autonauts. I'm hoping this game gets more recognition.

I have 0 subs so :| I'll try.

I'll have to give you a shoutout to my 13 subs. I'm pretty sure they all speak a foreign language.

Thanks :)

Btw i do try to make videos soon, sometimes i don't get to it :)

It really depends if OBS will record that game/ software!

I used to use OBS, but now I just use Nvidia's built in recording/broadcasting. If I'm going for quality edits, i will send the files through handbrake to prevent audio timing issues and work on them in lightworks. It takes a lot of effort for me to edit videos especially since I'm self taught and not very good at it. This is the reason I now opt for streaming instead. I'm just that lazy.