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i was interested in taking the test, but i had a question i hope could get answered. is there any physical danger, or sudden surprises?

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There is no fail state in the software (you cannot be 'Game Over') nor are there opposing forces against the patient. Think of it as a walking simulator. Note, however, that two of the different possible endings demand the patient to simulate some form of harm, but none of those situations linger nor makes a spectacle of it.

Every new diorama is introduced by a sudden change in lighting and the sound of a projector being turned on, which might constitute a surprise for certain patients, depending on how they approach the interactive zones (although the zones are clearly indicated by floating lights).

It is a difficult question to answer, since it relies on a lot of personal preferences, but we assume it is a safe experience. Do not forget that the ESC button brings the software to an immediate stop (no sub-menu or confirmation needed), instated as a fail-safe in case of anxiety.