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[Minor] Build

  • Added slight delay (1/3 of a second) to story screens because with certain gamepads you could have skipped them altogether on accident - please check now and report if it works as it should (hold space rushes text, press space goes to next screen, ctrl skips altogether; should work similar on gp)
  • Fixed a typo (don't ask)
  • added required delay of 2 seconds to ax throwers so there should be no way for them to throw 2 axes in a row now without at least 2 seconds inbetween
  • Improved the looks of a bean soup kettle by adding embers underneath, better shading, a heart marking on the side and animated heart/bubbles on top
  • Added more bean soup kettles to world 2 and world 3 levels.

If everything works better now I'll push these changes to the demo version too after more testing.