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And just like that, we're back to that late night posting grind  💪

Alright! Some dang stuff got did done today!

  • Barkley implemented a basic shooting mechanic to kickstart weapon and combat mechanics
  • Jimpy finalized the item generation for chests, added a pickup mechanic
  • Barkley added the ability to call on a variable that distinguishes between air and water, and updated the physics of both to match
  • Myserval updated the animation so that the old man won't swim if he's in the air
  • Barkley made it so you can leave the diving screen
  • Myserval programmed the basic sound system: it adds a filter to the sound when you're underwater, and plays sounds when you enter and leave the water. The gun also makes a really bad (really really bad) shooting sound effect. Music begins playing when you enter water.

Speaking of which, here's the new music!

This is probably still not lighthearted enough, so this will become music for a more dangerous area. A different, lighter song will play instead (using similar instruments) in relatively peaceful waters.


............ still nothing. Myserval worked on the tiles today, but got a little sidetracked implementing the first sound effects. tiles r hard

Github presented more problems today, with godot getting really confusing and downright refusing to open our swimming scene. oops. it's fixed now but that was a solid 30 minutes of time wasted again. We've really gotta figure out how to not break our version control. 

oh and also

look for Salvage Pinball coming this fall to only green man gaming