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Hi! I was trying to play, and the game was running laggily, and eating up all my CPU. Are there any launch options that might help, perhaps setting the max framerate or something? 

Thanks! I'm really looking forward to playing the game, I've been waiting excitedly for a while!

Hi! I'm so sorry about the issue. Could you share your machine specs, please? It's something we need to investigate. There are no launch options, but it shouldn't be a problem.

Hi Octavi! This likely won't be a high priority issue to investigate, as I was actually running the game in Arch Linux using Wine 6.16 (which is how I had played the previous Midnight Scenes episodes). Since that's not the actual platform that the game was released for, I don't at all hold you accountable for it, it's on me for running the game in an odd way, hence my asking about launch options as I was attempting to debug it myself. If you do happen to be interested, however, I can share my machine specs and whatever log files I can generate.

Thank you for the quick response, and the fun games!

Thank you for letting me know! This one is a bit more graphics-intensive than the other two games, so that might be the problem. If the game is successful we plan to port it to other platforms including Linux, so stay tuned!