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Firstly, good work on the art! As a hobbyist games programmer, artwork is probably the last thing i should do. A couple of things though:

- What's up with the white boxes? Especially on the outside tileset, the white squares are interfering with the actual tiles when dividing it with a 16x16 grid. I thought perhaps my images were corrupted but redownloading the files doesn't change anything.

- I love the water animations but the cliff tiles (lower left part of the water tileset) seem to lack the two remaining frames for the animation.

These are both things that are, more or less, easily fixable but i thought i should report them if you want to fix it.


- I don't know about the white boxes. Can you send me an email with a screenshot? I'll take a look.

- For the cliff tiles, good catch. Those are older and I just haven't updated with the new fully animated ones. Thanks!