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Hey, devs, did you know its possible to jump on the boss and just scratch it until it dies while the boss just misses all its attacks? :D Demo was fun looking forward to the full version!


Someone find it! You are awesome! hehehe

The boss have a special property (the same as moving platforms) which allows you to stay in his back, I added it as a joke but it's sooo cool to ride on the boss, so I left the feature there.

I'm still deciding if the boss will throw you out of his back or if it'll have a special attack while you are there, for now it'll be a little secret ;)

Thank you! I was too tempted to try if it was possible! :D

If you ever need an idea for a boss battle, make a boss that requires you to climb on top of it to attack its weak spot and defeat it! :>



Of course *cof cof* this is was already on my plans *cof cof*

It really makes send since this is already in the game
Thank you for the idea!