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I saw your comment on one of my videos (for some reason I cannot reply to it) telling me about your game so I gave it a try. Seriously fantastic all around. It's definitely one of the games with the most potential that I've ever played on here. Maybe it's my love for System Shock and how much this reminds me of that atmosphere but flesh the game out more, add more of an "active horror" element and release it episodically ala poppy playtime and I think it would do well. Great job devs!

Thank you so much. I am not an artist or animator, hell I wasn't even a programmer before I started, so I had to utilize what I could to make this as immersive as I could without looking to corny or lame. 

However, I have learnt so much developing this project, that my next one will allow me more time for the other aspects, such as the art side and other elements now that I have a fairly decent grasp of the programming side.

Thank you again!