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Overall rating: 9/10. The game does exactly what it says on the tin; you play clowns and you slay evil. The tone shifts a little bit toward the Big Bad Guys section, but otherwise is consistent throughout, and gives a lot of inspiration!

Over the past couple of years, I've really started to appreciate and enjoy clowns. Not spooky, creepy clowns, but genuine, wholesome clowns who want to enrich the world around them by bringing joy, comedy, and talent to the masses.

This game is like Power Rangers meets a magical girl group, but the magic is all clowns. And that's what's amazing about it. At its essence, it's a pseudo-Pbta game (that's my own observation, not a claim made by the game) that uses a simple system to allow for nearly endless creativity.

Your type of clown gives you your abilities and your magic. Wanna make balloon animals? Wanna make balloon catapults? Wanna make a balloon tommy gun? What about juggling? What about pratfalls? All of this simple magic can be used to combat evil.

Oh, yeah, there's evil. The only "creepy clowns" this game has are presented as the big bads, along with evil rubber duckies and murdering ice cream men. That's actually one note I will give: this game is wonderful for kids and adults alike, but there are some allusions to some dark subjects in the Big Bad Guys section that you may want to steer clear of or change for younger audiences.

All in all, this is an adorable and wholesome game about protecting the innocent and slaying evil, all while dressed as a delightful clown. I don't buy games often, because money is very tight for me, but this is a purchase I am quite happy I made.

 Oh hey, I just noticed, am I completely daft or is there no "appendix 1" with clown names?