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Amazing port! Plays very faithfully!

The highscore saver will crash the program before it starts if you didn't load the game from a diskdrive though... although in such cases it's just best to disable highscore saving/loading if the last load device is less than 8 (should be able to handle tape loads and cartridge DMA loads then!)

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Checks current device. If device is below device #$08, it detects as a tape drive and skips saver. I use this for my C64 projects, when catering for both .D64 and .TAP versions of my games :) I hope this helps.

ldx $ba
cpx #$08 ;Device should be #$08+ in order to save
bcc skips ;Device below #$08
... do disk drive load / save code
rts ;Or jump to main program

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It's amazing how many high-score savers actually don't cater for this problem and can't gracefully handle disk errors... but the scene doesn't want to know about anything other than drive 8, expect it to always be there, and to never fail. But this is a simple fix, so why not if the game is a one-filer?