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I'm definitely interested in playing this game but I ran the v1.0 exe through VirusTotal (SHA256: f8c53cb9cf976bcfa5e71f448b69f509b227a9ab02e82f1ca62b151586bbc78c) and the site returned 2 detections (Trojan.VBKrypt.Win32.249497). Don't want to see you guys get blamed for an awesome idea that I want to see developed into a full fledged game but yeah, probably should take a look at and patch. Goodluck!

Yep, sometimes it runs false positives, but there's no virus on it. It's just a self-extracting ZIP which can trigger some programs. There's also a plain old .rar for windows too, it's just below the .exe - the exe is for non-savvy windows users.