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For the last little while, I have been slowly playing through Chilla’s Art game catalog. Not once have I been disappointed, and Night Delivery is no exception. From the get-go, the atmosphere is unnerving, and you know something isn’t quite right. The story is presented slowly and progresses in a way where it tries to show you what has happened; it picks up and gets creepier as it goes on. I liked how both of the game’s endings answered questions; instead of being a basic good/bad set. 

The sounds found in the game are also a strong positive point, from the creeks of doors to the clanking of air conditioners. Every sound adds to that build-up of the atmosphere on display here. The only issue I can point out is the possibility of some mistranslated words or sentences; I apologize if these have been corrected. I played through the game towards the end of August. 

All in all, this was another fantastic atmospheric offering from Chilla’s Art and a solid horror experience!

Linked here is a video I made of my time with the game. However, it does not do it justice in showing just how eerie this experience can be.

Cheers and take care!