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Most of the FAQ is related to this:

  • Can I scale the screen/window? YES! As long as the game resolution of 64x64 is maintained.
  • Can I go lower than the 64x64 resolution? As per previous LOWREZJAMS, YES!
  • Can I go higher than the 64x64 resolution? NO. That would just defy the point of the jam.
  • My game is for mobile, can I include controls outside the 64x64 limit? YES! As long as they are just controls.
  • My game is for web, can I add border art outside the 64x64 limit? YES! As long as it's part of the page and not rendered by the game.
  • I want to use Pico-8, which has a resolution of 128x128, what do I do? There is a mode, called "mode 3" that sets your game to 64x64, I don't know much about it but this is how to set it: poke(0x5f2c,3). And here's a source reference
  • I want to use LIKO-12, TIC-80 or [insert other fantasy console here], but I CAN'T change the resolution to 64x64, what do I do?  In this case, YES you're allowed to clip the screen to only use 64x64 or lower, and leave the rest as empty (preferably black) space.
  • Can I have a higher window resolution if it's only to maintain a certain aspect ratio? Like above, YES, but make sure it's blank space. For example; most engines will do this anyway when going fullscreen, rather than stretch.
  • Can I use screen effects like CRT or scanlines that may exceed the actual 64x64 limit? YES! But, make sure it's optional and that the game itself is 64x64 before effects.

So you can have borders, but they have to be black (essentially empty).

But also, these are just the most frequent cases, if you feel these points don't cover your use case then ignore them and do it anyway! Leave the people to judge the "authenticity" of your use of the resolution limit, as they will the rest of the game anyway! :)