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Thank you so much for all the compliments to our work! <3

Let me see... Right now, the number of romance options is somewhere between 6-8. How they progress is really dependent on each character's personality, so it's hard to say what the pacing will be like for each one. I will say that, regarding Nikolai, sleeping with him is not the end goal, haha! (I mean, anyone can do that if they want!!) As for the length, we're thinking it will probably be over 100,000 words, maybe much more than that, but we're still working it out.

I do agree with you about having more dialogue options for the drinking game. It's likely we'll add them to the next update. Previously, we were hurrying to meet a certain deadline and didn't have time to expand on that part, but both of us are interested in changing that in the future.

Thanks for all of your input!! I hope I was able to give satisfactory answers! <3