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this is such a fun little game, ended up playing through the whole thing attempting to get every little thing, even trying to see if I could do some unintended things like get the dino and a spare ball, which I couldn't but it was still fun to try. One thing that would have been fun might've been something extra happening if you got the dino AND the rare candy, as it would end up giving you the highest possible starting level of 21. Although that's probably the intended method so maybe it'd make less sense to do that.

I would have loved being able to use the *spoiler* on mom and the red glasses guy though just to see what kind of mon they'd turn into. As well as perhaps being able to go through the locked door in the moncenter.

I'd totally love to see something like this expanded into a bigger game, but I can see how that might be a little hard to do with such a compact experience. Still, I'd totally buy or support such a thing if it existed.


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe one day I can revisit this idea of catching NPCs with pokeballs !

I'd love to see it! Maybe this'd make things too dark but having the pet raising aspects interact with the captured mons might be interesting to add. I'd also love to see a mon version of the rival.