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its great, i just expect this update :D

first of all, congrats on this and the next update. everyone that play the 0.1 version or the newcomer out there feels happy and this game give us our fun. i have tons of hours playing this game before the update. everything is good and better, hope to see more updates.

i hope some of my comments give you idea of the next update.

-enemies still receive my first attack (just move forward and attack with up arrow key, every bot will receive that first attack) it even worse after we could just throw javelin (they receive a minimum of 2 javelin before realised it). so, maybe it better to put bot on defence mode for 1 second after the round started

-sometimes i cant throw javelin cause of blocking move

-sometimes its hard to throw javelin but its still fine

hope you enjoy this video :D

PS: i create a video with storyline of gladihopper with alara with main character as a slave on a journey to a gladihopper