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This game was so awesome! I wish I'd found it sooner, haha. I've been playing it for like the last two hours and I finally got all of the endings and logs!

I really love the girls and their designs, and, maybe this is a little silly, but Mell saying she was asexual made me really happy. I'm ace myself, and usually representation is few and far between. I don't remember ever seeing any ace characters in games I've played before, so that made me really happy! (I'm also a massive science nerd and kind of really gay also so Mell is very relatable.)

Beareid is the best character, hands down.

I plan on drawing some fanart of the characters soon, so I'll probably link to that later.

Hey, thanks a ton for playing our game-- we're happy to hear you liked it!

Both Nami and I are on the ace spectrum so it only felt natural to include Mell speaking about it-- so we're glad to hear you resonated with that. In terms of other games with ace characters in them-- Nami makes a TON of games with ace characters in them, so I really recommend checking them out if you liked this game!

We'd love to see any fanart you make~ Feel free to show if off here in the comments or link it to us! THANKS AGAIN! <3<3<3