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You haven't paid the cash cow enough on Patreon.

In another 3-4 months you *might* get another 5 minute update, if you're lucky.

And you're not.


Wow, you seem like a real ass. This is an amazing game. Dude, you got issues.


Have I angered the easily enraged fan boys again?  Nobody cares, because they know nothing about games or how dev's drain Patreon.

This game literally gets updated at most twice a year.  The last update was over 5 months ago.

Double check your DOB and verify it wasn't yesterday.


Angered an easily enraged fanboy? No. Come off as an idiot, closer to the point there. I got news for you my dear friend, development can take time, having the knowledge of game development I do, I know that. Obviously you do not. My born on date is far beyond yesterday. Honestly, nothing requires them to do any updating. So stop showing your ass, and see yourself out? You are more than welcome to stay, I would just prefer if the children leave the talking to the adults. I keep telling your mom this. You can be a good boy, she just needs to give you proper guidance. 


I doubt you have any real knowledge to speak of regarding how Devs operate or how games are strung along, and the fact you are butt hurt and being retarded with insults third graders use proves it.

Don't worry.  Your safe space is that way.


Imagine arguing about a porn game. It's not that deep.