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Interesting game, I think it manages to capture the feeling of a situation like that well, despite the technical limitations. When you go to the altar room, there's quite literally no turning back! The bad ending actually came as a bit surprise, you go to look for the rings and then you're already running away.

If you're interested, you're welcome to enter our game-making contest!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you picked up on the altar thing!

Yeah I meant to polish the bad ending a bit, but the idea was a one day build and I'm just figuring this Bitsy thing out.

I learned about the GDWC a while ago, and I've been working on something ever since. Hopefully I'll enter next time!

Well, I meant to say that the ending was interesting in the way it's like a slippery slope - you just want to know what the next question mark tells you, while walking further down the road. It's a trap based on curiosity.

Glad to hear you've already heard about the contest, so maybe see you next year!