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I gave it a go, and the style, graphics, and story are all really  really good, but when it came to gameplay, i'm sure it's also really well done but the controls felt not so great. I was playing on mouse and keyboard at first and it just wan't letting me place the bounce pad, so I switched to controller since that was the only thing in controlls, but for some reason the button to bring up the plant wheel was also making me move the camera, but when I unplugged my controller after that I couldn't use mouse and keyboard anymore. So I just dealt with the camera moving when I wanted to do other thing as well. Something else that was messing up with controls were when I wanted to go back by pressing B, it just wasn't doing anything and I if I remeber right I had to use X. The d pad also was not working corrctly for moving the camera, as the sides were moving it up in down instead of what they should have been. Then controlls changed when I went to the next area, I had to end the video shortly after entering so I didn't see how mow much they changed there, but overall the controlls just ruined the whole experience for me unfortunately. Also I fell off the map at one point just to see how that went and I just kept falling instead of respawning and I had to restart the game. I hope things get fixed soon cause I'd love to give it another chance. Made a video, I hope it helps track down whatever problems are plaguing the controlls and hope you enjoy the video.