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Great game with great potential! You made a cool concept that's fun and enjoyable.

Some Gripes:

  • Proximity of enemies and sudden transitions into rooms are sometimes overwhelming to take in all at once. This can make for some insta lost health, sometimes a instant KO
  • Clipping and walls need to be optimized
  • Though the dice is very cool, it would be nice to have other ways to get health back as well dot items to remedy some of the unfair difficulty. (I want to feel out played or punished by my mistakes... not killed with a cheap shot)
  • Could not spin ability dice more than once (._.)
  • Can still get hit whilst in the middle of teleporting, makes it feel less awesome skill based if a thimble crawler can still get a cheap sot like that in.

All in all great game, by all means not a pro test player or anything so take everything I said with a grain of salt. I'm sure this game will get better.

Hey! Thanks for playing and for the well structured feedback!

The gripes you have are quite valid and we'll be working on ironing them out for sure!

Could you elaborate on what you mean on spinning the ability dice more than once?
As in, you'd like to be able to spin the big dice more but maybe with an increasing risk factor? If so, intriguing idea, that's something we could definitely explore! :D