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Before I say anything I want to make it clear that in no way am, I bashing  this game. With that being said there's a lot that I think could be improved upon in Dock sitting. One of the  biggest things is the sound I couldn't hear much and, it was hard to keep track of where the words were coming from. Lack of interaction really drug this game down too. I know it's suppose to be us sharing a moment with you. I appreciate that but, just sitting there till something happens is a little dull. There really isn't any scenery that would have made up for the lack of interaction. The interaction that was there felt like I was being forced to do it to proceed. Put down the phone or, put on the headphones just felt like why do i need to push a button for this to happen since it has to happen. Over all the game is decent could be a lot better with those things in my opinion.