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This game was very cool. I enjoyed the plot and the graphics are amazing, however the mechanics of the game are trivial. The game seems very unsure of itself. It is not necessarily structured outside of the teleporter, everything else is left to the imagination.  I would have included more of the tablets or computer terminals to really flesh out the atmosphere. Perhaps even a radio survivor guiding you through the hallways would have helped explain some of the mechanics. I forgive game bugs, I don't mind them at all, however if a game does not allow me to progress, it is a big issue. Up until the third sequence I was on the edge of my seat frightened. As the game slowly progressed beyond there, I became frustrated at the clarity of the game. There is no clear objective other than get the orb batteries for the wall circuit.  It tells us what to do, not how. This game was enjoyable until that stale feeling began to set in. The premise is awesome, the space environment is always one tough to grasp, and the graphics are amazing. The mechanics are unclear, please develop the story and physics themselves (especially the blue/red door change). This can be a five star indie game, but right now i see it around a three. Please keep at this. It was still a really cool experience. 

Thank you for the very constructive feedback and thank you for playing!