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Hi, I've been using this template and its helped me a lot ^^

I do have a question though- I have been trying to replicate this in MZ and have run into an issue where characters don't move on pressing the button input. Are there any differences that I should be aware of- is the plugin too incompatible, or something like that? I'm very much a newcomer to the scene, so I'd appreciate some help 😅

I used a plugin for the extra buttons, but I dont's own MZ,
while it should work, I dont know if there is any keyMapper plugin
made for MZ, or try to request a port or to be made in order to use it.

I cannot help you directly, while MV and MZ are mostly the same
and same language of javascript, the interpreter of MZ are slightly
different, and I didn't made that plugin.

I'm sorry for the if it didn't work for you, but you can exclude the
Jump and Spin for the time being and see if that works for you,
if it does, see if someone have or can make a keyMapper for you.

Good luck on your project.

Oh, thank you, just knowing what might be causing issues helps a lot ^^