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thanks, I know this platformer with jumping can be frustrating.
but playing out the level can make it easier when used.

the final level is the hardest because its a long level level.
but while the other levels are short and beatable under 2 min.
the final can be a pain.

there are parts that require triple jump, but its also made if you
have patients, it can be beaten within 40-60min if you redo the levels.

however, this is not the case in the final level though. but its the most
fun level that there is, and the mechanic the most thing to build :)

turn in place could, but this makes moving harder, the trick is also
to keep moving where possible, and its how the jump plugin works,
as it wasn't really made for platformers.

the window can be small which I can agree on, but it's 816 width, and
making it bigger shows to many, but I think you could stretch it out.
the game is square as I kept the height of the final level.

I noticed you didn't go through the portal and restarted the game,
as the fair you talked to to save them to activate them, which you

I can agree on the grid movement, and jumping part, but the way
the plugin works for it does work, and can be tricky.

it is adviced to jump to get the feeling as level 1 is fairly easy,
level 2 and onwards require dash jump, if this was the first time
trying while recorded, you could practice the jump.

I hope you give it another shot (outside recording), but it works
smoothly if you can walk and jump as it mostly require patience 
and timing =)

it hasn't a true jump system, but it is indeed very challenging, specially
the final one which is most challenging of all :)

I hope you made it.

Sorry it didn't work out for you, jumping is a bit of timing, but if you
practice, you can do it, some parts are tricky, so you can jump out
the level before taking the fairy ;)

Dispite you don't know me is oke, but at least, I'm very friendly
and enjoyed the game to help you improve.

as for all the people trying the demo, the start is quite easy,
the real challenge really begins after you reach 25+ where
you need to think to go through the levels, but I tell you this,
you wont regret it.

I had some hard trouble figure out some of those annoying
levels, but if you like the demo, the price is worth it :)

The first person of the game is even a bit harder while you push
the blocks, but the view of the score on the wall is really neat.

to the Dev @AllenMLewis17 that was helpful and quick answer
on fixing the bugs and game breaking part to throw out a fix,
otherwise, the level couldn't be completed.

Thank you for the amazing game and the fixes you made :)

dear arrosev, the author of this plugin wont respond anymore 
as the author of this plugin (and others of his) has passed away.

if you have a account on the
create a thread with a possible screenshot what you did, and
we can try to help you there further in fixing your problem.

I replayed this version and love some changes you made.
there are some issues, which I DM'ed you on on the forum.

contains the txt, and images on the issues.

Keep up the awesome work though.

that's alot of new content, will replay to check this out
but a slightly busy in RL, but it looks awesome from
what I read here ^^

not at this points, as it target a normal array that exist or string.
thing is, and what I readed, that you need to try avoid adding arrays or strings
directly to those functions, but define them as an addon to be safer.

once I play around again, I give you the error, but defining is better than
patching each individual plugin conflict :)

I'm not as good as you are and never will, but I try to learn and avoid
issues with them, so it's a good thing to do the same to avoid conflicts ^^

Just need to hang to it with the loads of parameter and possibilites.

anyway, once I continue to test (revert it back to the old string you used),
I give you the log, cannot tell when I continue to test, as I got a nice timer
plugin, but this can come in handy if they play nice,

I though x-y-offset was possible, so it can have some usefull part I can
think off.

I tested it and throws an error (conflict with other plugin) (MV), 
when checked the plugin, String.prototype cause this error.
Same thing I had with Khas on fixing the conflict.

this seems to fix it with other plugins, if you add new properties
to an String or Array.

Object.defineProperty(String.prototype, 'paddingLeft', {
    value: function(paddingValue) {
        return String(paddingValue + this).slice(-paddingValue.length);

I didn't test it fully and multiple events yet to see it's effect.
but it also say you require a license (if not purchase it)?
or could it be used in non-commercial only and not commercial?
as that part kinda confuse me atm. I dont know if I could use it,
but its more a clarification for now.

I beat the game, but also congrats on the 100 downloads,
up to the 500 :)

when testing the game out, it seems a good story... and it really does
have a great story, the author even torture the player to its limits
what they learn in battle.

as I beat the game in around 10 hours + 3-4 hours of losing battles,
I really enjoy the game with puzzles and story.

as you need to watch very carefully and use your healing, attack,
defense and corruption nicely as you might only be happen to
have 1 mistake or less in order to win the battle.

each battle is a tight one to win it, but it is one of the best
battle mechanics and hardest I ever did.

while there is no level/exp to earn, you keep the base you have.
as there is no def on players and enemies, but use a pattern to
follow closely which is used for winning or losing the battle!

I recommend everyone for a good story or test their battle skills
in this game as you never see it before :)

Amazing game and story, even if no fan for novel, I like the seach and click object,
also not a fan for it.

but there are some really nice features that make the game unique in it's way,
and would recommend to play this at least once :)  (you wont regret it!)

(1 edit)

I dont know, maybe, maybe not, didn't pay attention on grammaar,
visual graphics, bugs, gamebreaking is what I'm best ^^

and I had noone alive indeed, which might be a game breaking part there,
maybe else where too.

but I'm happy it saved you if the dev didn't download it yet ^^

I also got the feeling if Luna died, her step bro will say something or vice versa,
depending who lived or died.

I re-download it later and replay it, but it has really interesting mechanics in it.

as a side note, it feels like normal attack does more damage than skills they use,
as 40% healing does 100% for some reason, same with 20%, not sure why though.

but keep up the nice work.

I redownload the game and replay it, and got ending C0 or Co? whatever it means as I just followed
the main story with the entire party alive.  

1) the trees arent fixed :D
2) skills description is a bit cutoff on the actors turn
3) Item gain bypass the message log (as it cut off the words).

but there is some more issues, which I leave off for now, but rather make every screenshot
to send you of the mistakes!

but I will take my time later on to check every area and see if I get a good ending?

noone, it was a cutscene, so I couldn't do much there.

However, there was 2 save files in a churge like map, with ending A3 :D
party died, but funny ending.

I try to replay tomorrow again and check other towns, see what I'm missing.
anyway, I love the game, so I try my best to keep the people alive next run :)

at mountain pass, where 2 bandits killed you.

I also see some dialogue starts empty as well, bu I didn't skip to fast through it.
maybe at sme points, but not exactly why.

when you returned back to live, Destin was dead, when you gain control, you stuck
on that location.

I might miss something or broke something :D (thats what I'm good at).
but if I should rate this game, I give it a 5 star =)

(1 edit)

There seems to be a few issues, first one is at camp, trees sides are above or below,
which also cause to walk on the water next to luna.

When you try to leave, you get pushed back, but you can go there behind the tree.

When Destin died, I cannot seems to go anywhere and stuck there, but the trees
also have the same issue.

So I dont know where to go really, seems there is no transfer point.
but I like the mapping and story, which is nice as you cannot lose the battle,
not sure if I can kill the guards and let the people live at camp which I try later or
if it's fixed that they stay dead.

but I love the game so far, to bad I got stuck.

this sounds exiting to see a foe dies (no friends) :D if you make
only enemies, its good to see them die ^^

but seriously, I'm gonna try the game and see how it goes, looks

after beating the game a couple of time, some gamebreaking point
and bugs/glitches has been fixed and replayed again for a smooth
gameplay for the rest to enjoy.

I'm happy the developer took the bugs/glitches serious as he
fixed almost 50+ bugs, and 5 breaking points throughout the game.

I hope to see more next time in a new project =)

When Downloading the newest version (1.4.5) on
MMCP, it give me the version 1.4.2 which is the wrong

Possible to upload the correct version?

Finally release (or a early beta), thank you soooooo much
for making this sweet plugin for a more living inventory.

specially is used nicely, and not abuse the functions, it's
a really nice, thank you sooooooo much =)

Amazing plugin, really unique as well
Thank you for your hard work :)

when you cards, and click on one, it says "would would like you to do?
I think it should be "What would..." =)

I dont know exactly what to do, but some buttons doesn't work,
but it looks good, will test later on for a bit more indepth, 

Nice graphics though, not entirely sure why common cards
has higher HP than the SSR one.

I used a plugin for the extra buttons, but I dont's own MZ,
while it should work, I dont know if there is any keyMapper plugin
made for MZ, or try to request a port or to be made in order to use it.

I cannot help you directly, while MV and MZ are mostly the same
and same language of javascript, the interpreter of MZ are slightly
different, and I didn't made that plugin.

I'm sorry for the if it didn't work for you, but you can exclude the
Jump and Spin for the time being and see if that works for you,
if it does, see if someone have or can make a keyMapper for you.

Good luck on your project.

Thank you, hope you enjoy it :)

Parallel proces are made in a common event, if you check there, you know how I placed those images
Images used are 75x75 centered on top screen, but you can place them anywhere you like.

Text based on the other hand is easier, but I got an issue setting that up, so I end up using images instead.
The Switches for the arrows ans Jump/Spin are there too.

Read the comments on the main event how it's setted up and which one can be changed and which not.
change only where it tell you so, adjustment might break the system if you dont know what you do.

I hope you are able to figure it out.

- Main setup is the event on the map (center) with 4 pages, pre-setup is mostly required
- Button press (images) are controlled by a switch, same with difficulty in a common event.
this common event turn the switch OFF as well for erasing the images.

I played it, but there seems to be a misstransfering the first time you are on the run at the start.

if you go on the street avoiding teh militair, and into a door up, you cam out of of the bottom street, invisible,
unable to walk where you are. Not sure where to go from
that point either, but the game so far I played is
outstanding, nice story.

Best TextColorAddon plugin that can be used everywhere :D

In the Demo there is probably a minor mistake made in tiled or a tiny bug.
In the Tower Map, if you walk on the stairs UP, it seems good, but when going down or in front, it faces UP and walk backwards untill almost on the bottom and face the direction DOWN.

Other that that, its an amazing plugin. 
Hopefully be able to add other features as tile events.

Just figure out how the MAPS PNG exacly works with the ladder and bush on the map but not visible when playtesting. 

Keep up the great work.