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when you cards, and click on one, it says "would would like you to do?
I think it should be "What would..." =)

I dont know exactly what to do, but some buttons doesn't work,
but it looks good, will test later on for a bit more indepth, 

Nice graphics though, not entirely sure why common cards
has higher HP than the SSR one.

I used a plugin for the extra buttons, but I dont's own MZ,
while it should work, I dont know if there is any keyMapper plugin
made for MZ, or try to request a port or to be made in order to use it.

I cannot help you directly, while MV and MZ are mostly the same
and same language of javascript, the interpreter of MZ are slightly
different, and I didn't made that plugin.

I'm sorry for the if it didn't work for you, but you can exclude the
Jump and Spin for the time being and see if that works for you,
if it does, see if someone have or can make a keyMapper for you.

Good luck on your project.

Thank you, hope you enjoy it :)

Parallel proces are made in a common event, if you check there, you know how I placed those images
Images used are 75x75 centered on top screen, but you can place them anywhere you like.

Text based on the other hand is easier, but I got an issue setting that up, so I end up using images instead.
The Switches for the arrows ans Jump/Spin are there too.

Read the comments on the main event how it's setted up and which one can be changed and which not.
change only where it tell you so, adjustment might break the system if you dont know what you do.

I hope you are able to figure it out.

- Main setup is the event on the map (center) with 4 pages, pre-setup is mostly required
- Button press (images) are controlled by a switch, same with difficulty in a common event.
this common event turn the switch OFF as well for erasing the images.

I played it, but there seems to be a misstransfering the first time you are on the run at the start.

if you go on the street avoiding teh militair, and into a door up, you cam out of of the bottom street, invisible,
unable to walk where you are. Not sure where to go from
that point either, but the game so far I played is
outstanding, nice story.

Best TextColorAddon plugin that can be used everywhere :D

In the Demo there is probably a minor mistake made in tiled or a tiny bug.
In the Tower Map, if you walk on the stairs UP, it seems good, but when going down or in front, it faces UP and walk backwards untill almost on the bottom and face the direction DOWN.

Other that that, its an amazing plugin. 
Hopefully be able to add other features as tile events.

Just figure out how the MAPS PNG exacly works with the ladder and bush on the map but not visible when playtesting. 

Keep up the great work.