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Third person horror games are my all-time favourites (Resident Evil was the very first one I played way back when it came out and I don't like admitting that as it shows my age!), so whenever I see one creeping around I try to make sure I play it!

This one got me right from the start! The atmosphere is incredibly heavy, and I felt massively uncomfortable and nervous going through every single door and up every flight of stairs. There's always an ever-present sense of impending death! And when the game starts delivering upon that promise it really kicks it up a notch!

All in all a great demo, everything runs pretty darn smoothly, the story is set up to be a corker, the enemies are right up there on the ARGH-o-meter and the puzzles are testing but not so much so that they're irritating.

Keep up the awesome work, can't wait to see where this game goes from here =)