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Thank you for your replay.

3 & 4: yes, blue button helped much. But hmm... probably the UI can be a bit better here. Maybe adding small icons of what is changed next to bill icon?
For example, now in one of my cities I can build Arsenal. It takes 8 rounds and it will cost (as I understand) 0 money per round when finished. From blue question mark I know that it will change (add) defence by 8 and life by 25 (of city?). Probably I need to go through the tutorial one more time, to be sure :). Anyway, is it possible to add two icons next to the bill icon about what will change? Will it take much coding time?

5. I will send an e-mail to you. Hope to have some time for that :).

I had to reopen the game and I have missed some things. But I will send that through the e-mail.