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The disk versions of Rabenstein and Hibernated 1 run great on my Amstrad CPC6128. Is there any way to get them to run via an M4 or USIFAC card? I can get as far as the loading screen, but the game doesn't load after that.

I suspect the Maluva plugin does some cheaty things for faster disk access, which my USIFAC card might not emulate.

I had a chat with Uto, who created Maluva. He has a M4 himself and says the game works fine there, so we are not able to reproduce this. Here is what he wrote btw. you may want to try both ways, not sure how you've set the content of the game up:

There are two ways to play in M4 though: 

1) drop all the files in a folder in the SD, this way I have not tested

2) drop the two .dsk files and run emulated disks (this one I tried)

We also had a look at the USIFAC since we never heard of it before. Seems to be a good thing. From what I read it should work. My point here is that the game is running on real hardware, and if it does that it's more a problem of the device and firmware rather than of the game itself. Since we don't have such a device we are not able to dive deeper anyway. Hope you understand :) Cheers!

Thanks, it works under FDC emulation, but not directory access. I wonder if I have got all the files? Is there an archive with the CPC files in, not in disk images?

Unfortunately, no. I've automated the build process so that the output goes straight onto a disk image. What you can do though is extracting the contents of both disks using CPCDiskXP.