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after the jam,may i have the source code for studying Platforming programation?

i loved the game,very cool idea


Hi, what do you mean by "programation"? 

How you made the events,physics configuration,etc,how you used the Construct 2  tools,i would love to have a inspiration to see what the engine can do,i swear i will not try to steal your game,i swear,i promise.


To be honest I'm not sure but I'm edging to say no. Firstly, you don't really seem serious about creating games, given that you said programation (not even english) and the fact that your profile is a just a jumpscare. Secondly, my code just isn't very good; I'm more of a designer than a programmer and programming is just part of the design process for me. I wouldn't want anyone looking at my messy code and unorganized files and going "this is how you do it!" If someone wants to learn from my game they'll get most from looking at the design which doesn't require the source code.

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Well,i said Programmation,but i'm not american,i'm didn't master english yet,and,i did put a jumpscare in my profile 'cuz i don't know what to put in there,i still don't know how to make games,so what should i put there instead? and if you don't want random people to look at your "messy code" then it's ok, i was just asking (btw i AM serious about creating games)

Do you have the professional/personal version of construct 2 or just the free version? My understanding is that anything over 100 events (which this is) will in some way not work on the free version. If you have the professional/personal version I'll send you the capx, though again it's important to remember that it was made by a messy coder in 3 days so I'd advise being critical when it comes to organization. 

i have the professional/personal version,i understand it might be messy,but i'm sure it will help me in some occasions anyway.

What's your email address? I've just updated the game with some fixes so I'll send it over now.