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i have alot to say about this game, but first lets talk graphics.

the graphics are so UNIQUE and SMART. i havent something like this ANYWHERE, and i enjoyed just walking around the place.

the gameplay, the backstory, was all really good but there were 2 problems.

1: the shooting. it seems not to be a big mechanic of the game, but every time you shoot, it keeps you on the same place for a second, and shoots really slowly, so aiming is hard.

2. the game was quite short. i enjoyed it most of all, but it doesnt say if its beta/demo, so i would be really interested to see more levels to this game.

overall. this game is a blast, and i recommend checkin it out. shouldnt take a long time to play.

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Hi, kerlinos

I'm also very interested in keeping making more games like this or even continue it, but unfortunately, it's not in my schedule at the moment. Maybe in the not too distant future :) and thanks for your kind comment.

i completly  understand and dont exepct something you cant do.

have good one!