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Hello again!
Today's post will be a showcase of some of the weapons you can unlock in 99999.

First off - the Blaster, the first weapon you'd get.
The Blaster is weak but relatively fast. Zero recoil which makes for good control. High ammo cap and a fast reload means the Blaster is consistent and reliable.

You can consider the Blaster as the basic weapon for which all other weapons are compared to. Obviously you'd unlock better/stronger weapons as you progress but I don't want the Blaster to become completely obsolete either. That means other weapons will behave differently or might have certain drawbacks and the Blaster may still be the preferred weapon of choice in certain situations.

It can fire as quickly as you can spam the shoot button and is quite powerful to boot. Slight recoil. Some of its power is mitigated by the lower ammo cap. I particularly like the reload animation on this one (just wanted to point it out :p)

Powerful but has a slow rate of fire. One-shot the vast majority of enemies.The low ammo cap means you’d have to reload often. The recoil is pretty noticeable too and will slightly hinder movement

A monster at close-range. With its wide arch of fire you can get away with being less accurate. However its reach is pretty short. If you look at the bullets they disappeared before even hitting the wall. The recoil is also pretty significant.

Bullets from the Bounce-gun bounces (duh :D). This can be extremely useful because you can shoot round corners and hit enemies where they can't reach you. Its one drawback is that direct shots are incredibly weak. The bullets only gain their true strength after they bounced off a wall(If you notice, the bullet lights up after it touches a wall).

These are just some of the earlier weapons you'll encounter. As you progress further into the game, you'd also start to unlock more varied/weirder weapons. Weapons that may be very powerful, but also difficult to handle and master.