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Alrighty! If I included everything we've worked on in the last two days, it'd be a total mess. So instead, I'm gonna drip feed mechanics as we go along. Starting off, the overworld mechanic! As you saw momentarily yesterday, the overworld mechanic serves as the connection between the dock and any dives. Pressing forward moves the boat in the direction it's facing, and left and right turn the boat. The boat's turning speed is related to how fast it's going, so you can't turn very fast in place.  I'd show you this, but that requires making a gif and yesterday's gif literally took me 30 minutes to figure out hhaaaA

On spots where you can dive, a button prompt pops up, at which point you'll be taken to a separate, side scrolling level. Jimpy - erm wait, I haven't introduced the team yet, have I.

OK uh

That'll do.

Anywho, Yesterday, Jimpy made the boat movement system, and today started working on the diving mechanic and drew some concepts for the screen:

Essentially, your boat appears on the top of the screen, and you can see deep under the water. This screen is randomly generated. Or in theory it will be. You'll be able to pick up materials and hopefully, the boats and caves will contain dungeons of sorts. 

Good art

Barkley coded the UI, and put together an inventory system, including but not limited to:

And lastly, Myserval worked on drawing and implementing the tile map for the game.

After, of course, watching way too many aesprite tutorials. These tiles will most definitely change. I'm indecisive.