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Holy Crap, 

How awesome is this little project. I love the way the devs have used a similar color scale across the sky. You can't move in this project but why the hell would you want to. 

Just sit back and look at the environment and admire the fucking moon as the clouds float past and listen to the audio and chillllllll. Absolutly amazing.

Can I make an 8 hour screensaver please devs? What direction should I use? cliffs and trees or just the rock in the sea?



Im just watching the video again and I forgot to mention how lovely the sea crashes against the rocky terrain and how the stars twinkle. Amazing,

Haha, id love to see you make an 8hr screen saver!
Personally i'd go for  rocks and cliff to right of the dock. 
And thanks for play my little project!



I did a 6 and half hour video but only becuase I woke up at 5am and randomly switch my PC of but here ya go.