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This was super fun. There are so many games where the primary function is to just explore the area, so I love the creativity you took by adding the element of the phone and the snapping of photos. Even when I was lost, snapping photos and messing with the different phone functions kept me engaged. And the way you played with the lighting (contrasting the dark with the phone flash) in certain areas certainly made for a good jumpscare. Overall, my biggest note if I had to give feedback is that I felt a little as if I had no indication of where I should go and what I should explore, but the area was small enough that, were I to go back and play it again, I'm sure I could have figured out the way to the other endings. Other than that, you created a neat little "world" in this back alley, and it was a fun time. Thanks again for the experience. Please continue to create and looking forward to your future projects!

Thank you so much for playing the game, and a huge thank you for leaving some constructive feedback! it really helps on my journey of making better games! the video is great so keep up your good work too!