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There Graphics are on point, the idea and concept are great. the way you built the platform is incredible. My only issue came when I was trying to switch between elements. I was able to do it once but not when i needed to again. Ultimately that was part of the reason why i quit and only did ten mins. I love the game and idea though. Great job

Hi! Thanks so much for playing!

Strange, the character switching works just fine when I tested it. All the characters have their own slots on the D-pad. Did you press down to choose Dewy (the water guy) and right to choose Ember (fire guy)?

Yeah the xbox controller controls can be a bit... challenging when using Ember. The keyboard might be a bit easier if you want to give it another try :)

Thank you for your kind words though. They mean a lot.

Ya not a problem man. The game is awesome in general. I think im going to use the keyboard the next go round