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gene animal variation (very far future)

Genes that determine mode of transportation ex insect legs like millipede arachnid ant ect wings. Water transportation like fins gill efficiency for if it needs surface air at all like whales or amphibians or if it can stay under water indefinitely. Still going on a water and or island based map... Nests like birds fish insects land animals etc birds could use cliff faces or trees possibly. Mating behavior like how many eggs or live birth at one time and how fast. Animals defense/offence like it has a high speed so it will use that to advantage over other options or it has horns or spikes so only an animal that has evolved a good way of handling it would choose it as a priority meal. Underwater plants. Possibly genes that determine if it is carnivore herbivore or omnivore to do away with just carnherb limit. Possible gene to determine how likely male or female and how often they mate from rats to I don't know... Some kind of animal that doesn't mate a lot.

Something I would like to see is another smaller forcefield generator that let's me pick position and size of field in its range because I find the current one bulky and hard to manage

Much later... Probably a map maker for people to make (massive) maps with rivers lakes oceans mountains deserts forests ect

A minimap that you press m for to see the plants and animals positions on map with terrain and hitting m again gets map hidden off screen to not clutter stuff

Possible voice actor that you can synth to make it say what is needed

Also I'm intently staring at the trello screen every night to see what the science might be. I love the suspence and not knowing to be surprised like the first time I saw your game and think wow thats pretty awesome.

Love the progress and I'm spreading your game to my friends and small YouTube channels to gain attention and I can't wait to purchase the full game in the far future and I will see what I can do with donations in the time being but my union has screwed up my paycheck yet again so things are tight as they didn't close the ticket and took over 300 in client payed twice meaning I have to wait for them to reissue the check next month... Back to ramen anyways love the game I'm still playing alpha 10 since last week still find it fun to tinker with

Don't feel you have to donate, seriously, I just really appreciate the enthusiasm.

Let me know if any of those youtubers make a video! A lot of the gene stuff you have mentioned is actually already in the game - the science update (which I'm working on now) will expose that a bit more.