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First,  thank  you for make such a beatifull game about... u know about suicide, Its very sesensitive Topic but anyway thanks, it must have taken you a long time to make this. I'm not lying I was in deep depression... but I think I'm stil depressed... lmao ... your game opened my eyes ... naturally first I get ,,The worst ending '' , I didn't  clean my room and my body , I ling to ,,my moom , and I wrote messeng to my 4 Bf , I think this is the worst but anyway you opened my eyes ... i have nothing to lose, and no one loves me (...) again l-m-a-o,  but (third time) anyway...

 sey your game is quite good, so don't kill your self,  just make more for people like me or for people who DON'T want to kill her selfs ... anyway 








I'm glad you like my game but please don't say goodbye!