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It's like

/remap jump gp1b1

for gamepad 1, button 1 (1-4 are front buttons, 5-8 are triggers/bumpers, 9-10 are Start/Select)


/remap left -gp1x
/remap right gp1x

for X axis (either analog or dpad)

Sorry for the mess - Spelunky SD is (I think) my 3rd most popular mod, but also the one that utterly failed to attract any support for my months of work (grand total of $11 in donations), so, to save time, the newer features are mostly mashed up from parts of other mods or personal projects, and these don't always work with each other, so they get swapped out for something else that still works whenever I need to update a big chunk of it.


Sad to see that not much support was put forward, this is a great mod and I'd love to see more work put towards it, but thats your choice. My friends and I have been playing this mod over Frozlunky for Spelunky HD everyday for a cweek or two now because of more stability and a higher max players and better screen systems. Good Job dude.