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A very simple idea, a basic endless runner. Honestly, I like it for its simplicity and almost zen-like zone that it gets you in after a while as you barely need to focus to keep going. It actually fits the style your using rather well in that aspect. However, should we look at it purely from a design-perspective it's sadly lacking. It adds nothing new to the endless runner and even has less features then other classic runners. For example: no jump/slide or other action and the level-spawn gives the player no challenges more the just adjusting a bit to the left and right. While the game has character, It's just not very exiting at the moment. The system is all in place for more things! It just needs to be added.

Also, while my favourite part of the game is the style and sound mix, it feels odd for the jam-theme. I would have never guest the theme if I did not know it from the beginning. I'm guessing that the "boss" in this game is a company boss of some kind, with the office-chair as the main "character"? (also, I read the description) all good, but the player needs to be able to understand this from the game itself, not from a description under it. One solution would be to add clues for the player to find while playing that gives them a bit more information why there is a office-chair moving-about in a colourful corridor. Show, don't tell.

A good start! The visuals are nice, like it for what it is. A simple runner.