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Can someone please tell me how to play this game and 3 AM at the Krust Krab? Every time I try to play them they crash before the Main Menu loads. It says that the D3D is missing. I've also deleted, re-installed it, deleted then installed the 32 Bit version but nothing works! Please help me!

Here's how to fix the D3D error.

You are my savior.

Hi im a fan of your games and i have a idea for your next spongebob horror game spongebob horror school here is the story: Spongebob finally passed his boating test with a 85% but he forgot his license at school in the basement  so spongebob must get three keys to unlock the basement door and get out and get his license before the bully flats kick his butt  the episode is based on the bully  hope you enjoy that idea for the spongebob horror game and hope you create it 

I won't be making anymore Spongebob games.

more games tho right?????

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Of course yeah! I will continue to make more original horror games like BUNKY and maybe, possibly more parody games in the future. Kind of getting sick of those parody games, y'know.

ok cool I follow you on twitter for this