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I played the first game and I was so happy when I saw you were working on this one!!!🥺🥰🙏

Ilona… I love her. She’s perfect!!! She caught my heart in the first, but in this one, she just owns me over😩👌 such an amazing girl with so much personality and strength. And then there's Edwin🥺🥺 omggg I'm so happy to finally meet him fjshfh look at that hottie!!!❤️

All the characters in this game are amazing. I had so much fun meeting them! Especially Kellac... 👀👌❤️

The story is rich and the writing is very clean.

The voice acting also stands out in so many scenes. It works perfectly.

And the art once again is beautiful and heartwarming❤️

I just want to add that the end got me good. I didn't expect it at all😭😭 but still, somehow, I felt happy for them😭❤️

Thank you for making this game happen!


Thank you very much for your wonderful comment! I’m very glad the game resonated with you!