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It's a promising game with the online mode and such. I like the background music which brings a nice atmosphere and the variable time of day is a nice touch too. Unfortunately I simply wasn't able to get past the first row of platforms - there simply was no non-fake platform I could have reached. I wonder if there's a button for running, so that you could get more distance for your jumps.

If you're interested, you could enter to our contest, the Game Development World Championship, at some point!

Well next update i will add some instructions or guide how to pass them. It's actually possible to complete them and fully finish the game, but first you have to figure out a platform combination. Yeah press Shift to run.

Online mode will be there but not now, most likely will start implementing in when the game will reach beta state.

Oh, okay! I'll have to try it out today when I have the time again.

Update is out! There are some stuff added, also added signs to some obstacles so you would know what to do there.

I could get further now, though each new obstacle is always a mystery. I guess there's steady improvement!

There will be more and more improvements over time! After first map is done will continue adding more maps as well!