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Hi, i just want to know what Mr. Mix is saying while hes carrying you to the cauldron. its too distorted and all i can hear is something about hot sauce.

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I know right! I hear, "You are a terrible chef, I shall punish you. YOU WILL MAKE GOOD HOT SAUCE!" That's what I get out of it!

I know that when he catches you he says "you so terrible chef. i should to punish you, and punish is...BOILING IN THE CAULDRON!" then he says something else i cant understand.

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ok so with our information lets make a complete sentence. you are a terrible chef, i should to punish you, and the punish is... BOILING IN THE CAULDRON! I SHALL MAKE YOU MY HOT SAUCE! which i think is very close to what he actually says

edit, i watched a video of it, and i think it actually says I SHALL BOIL AND COOK YOU IN MY HOT SAUCE. not quite sure. but i think were close