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This was a game of perspective, I enjoyed the story because I can sense some real truth in it. Please skip to 5.23 for It's been a week. I can understand the feeling of being overwhelmed with a massive workload and having feelings of low energy. That's Life, and that is what makes this game distinctive. This game is real. The sketch style is absolutely perfect. It showcases your talents while telling a story visually. Although there is only one ending, this was genuine and really cool. The indie scene needs some down to earth stuff like this, and I for one really appreciate you creating this. Whether or not this is your true story, it is a human story. Your message is well received, I love the fact you took the time to express it in this manner Making a game is creative and it takes a lot of effort. They are certainly not wasted as I have taken your perspective for the day.  Keep your head above that sea Sydney, you have a community here for you!