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Alright. I checked the 80-some-odd unchecked colors, and I think that'll do it. I would go and make sure it works, but i'd rather not watch netflix for another 2 hours and 4 minutes. One more question though. The tutorial DOES say to make the background white, but in your FAQ it says "By having a darker background color, your colors will come out different in the painting than using a lighter one." Which color should I use then, if not the large white circle, and would it make as dramatic a difference as only having 20 colors checked? Thank you very much though, for the quick response.

The best thing to do when choosing the correct background color is to use the Painting Preview. On the main UI, load your image and then choose the white background color. Now click the Paint button and choose Painting Preview. If the colors look washed out then try changing it to a black background color and view the Painting Preview again. Every image is different so it's hard to say what background color to use. The tutorial recommends white because that is the color that works best with most images.