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Absolutely in love with the demo, and cannot wait until full release!!!  And I think I share everyone's joy in seeing a familiar face, Snow, here as well :)  One question: would it be possible to add even more customization options to the MC?  For instance, more body types, eye shapes, hair styles, and perhaps even clothing?  I think adding more options to customize might make even more room for relating to the MC and experiencing the world through the MC.  Anyway, continue to make the beautiful work that you do, all the best!

We're happy you liked the demo!!
About the character customization options: You're absolutely right about the player's relation to the MC! We definitely want to have a bit more options for the final game, like i.e. additional hairstyles and sets of eyes. We also need to consider that the more styles there are the more work has to be done for special illustrations depicting varying MCs in the main game. But we'll try to do our best to have players enjoy the story through the eyes of their unique MC. ö-ö

Thank you very much for pointing out the importance of this! And of course playing the demo! :D