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Love it :)

A couple of things that feel unfair when they happen:

- A succession of jumps between small platforms, where misjudging the departure point of the first jump means you can never recover and will always overshoot the final platform in the sequence (which is often obscured anyway). It feels like more complex control over jumping would spoil the game, but maybe you can do some game-feel-magicTM on the platform sizes or spawning in that scenario to make it recoverable.  

- A horizontally moving platform after a giant cylinder path bifurcation. The cylinder blocks your view so you don't know there's a moving platform to consider, and so what happens is that you go right, for instance, and discover the platform you need to land on is too far in the opposite direction to reach. It's possible this falls into the git gud school of Triangle Running, but it always feels like an impossible jump.


on the small platform jumps, you can move diagonally in the air back and forth to slow yourself down and not miss the last one, i.e. git gud