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SEQ files themselves is just simply SEQuential data, nothing special there. For the C/G formatting, I don't think there should be anything special. It should just be each character to represent a C64 PETSCII character (space, cursor key, graphics, etc). Since you already have the PETSCII character set, the only thing I would figure is to see if those characters actually map up with the character codes.

C64 Petscii codes and Symbols

Beyond that, I can't imagine much more difficulty. Just would need to make sure when you export that it actually does blank spaces. Since Playscii is a static image, you might need to recognize cursor keys for importing. However, exporting this shouldn't be needed. This should only be needed for the animated (movie) C/G SEQ movie files.

If it will help, I can see about tossing you a few files from my BBS collection your way to inspect. I can include both static and animated.

Some samples would be great actually, thanks!

I can't seem to find a way to post files here (suspect you can't), so here is a link to download a small collection.

C64 C/G Picture collection

Inside, you will find a few C/G pic files (that on a C64 or in DirMaster, are correctly viewable). In addition, I made BMP images of each, so you can see what they should look like when viewed properly. I also included one C/G animated movie, just in case you find that interesting or useful (prob not as much for Playscii, but whatever).

Hope this helps!