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Dream Alone is iconic in how it has scripted and built its own world. Although the Demo was only five levels, it challenged me harshly throughout every minute of playing. I love the music the player meets as soon as you open the title screen, it inspires and is reminiscent of cultural themes such as the twisted nature of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland, with a horrific touch of gore. This game is beautifully dark, I absolutely admire the black and white style with what appears to be taken from the early 20th century film. This feature ages the game for the player, subconsciously creating an even more disturbing environment. I was only able to experience the 39th dead world with the red bar, however looking at the page now I am curious as to what the blue bar would do. Everything about this game is perfectly sound, the jumping and timing hold the player accountable, while the environments and enemies are somewhat predictable with trial and error.  I love the free soundtrack I accidentally happened upon, and look forward to listening to what appears to be a horror opera/drama. I'm really glad this was fully developed and out on Steam. Best of Luck to a veteran Development team. This game is immersive and awesome, DOWNLOAD THIS FOR YOURSELF!