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This is a neat game! I'm definitely going to finish playing this on my free time, but from what I played, it's highly enjoyable. I made a gameplay video with some commentary. Hope you keep up the great work! 

wow, that's fantastic. So glad you like it!

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I managed to beat the game! Just wanted to share some thoughts since I usually do that with other games as well. I really enjoyed the note-taking in this game, it's really neat how you implemented a notepad players could use in-game instead of them having to get a notepad in reality or something, it's very benefical to players to be able to write things down, especially in this kinda game. It also really makes you feel like you're up to no good. Controling the drone was a neat moment of gameplay and the problem-solving associated with it was also very well thought out. It's also nice that there's various ways to get the main objective securely outside the building. I would love to see this concept expanded even more in the full release. There's so many possibilities you can go down with this game. It's a fantastic experience, it took me around 30-45 minutes to play and complete. Again, keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to what's next!